Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Inspire" Basket 2012

Its Burning Basket time again. The weather has been its usual self..nice, rain, wind, nice, etc etc etc. However, we have managed to catch up and its now going extremely well, thanks to a beautiful day today which brought out more helpers, so the work went very well. This year the basket is named "Inspire". I have heard that word used several times today, people saying that they are inspired to work harder at their individual art. I think that's what I love most about this project, every year I hear such interesting stories from the different folks who stop by to help. And you never know who is going to stop by......for instance today, a Tibetan Monk stopped by and wanted to help for awhile and also left his message behind. So his message is the first to be added this year. Well, why not...after all its Homer, the "Cosmic Hamlet By the Sea".
Homer is such a mix of people, you just have to come here and experience it for yourself to really understand what I mean by that. Hopefully tomorrow will be another nice day, but the weatherman is not predicting that exactly. And the burning is Sunday, which is supposed to be a really ugly day, ..... but we can hope. We are all trying to put a lot of good vibes out to the universe, so we shall see.....

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