Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another Beautiful Basket..will it Burn?

Well they are predicting wild winds for tonight and tomorrow. I had to work today, so I don't know what if any decision was made about burning the basket tomorrow. So far the wind hasn't been as bad as they said we should expect, but then its only midnight, so who knows when or if the winds will hit. We were supposed to have our last and final Cruise ship today, but because of the impending storm, they turned back. For some reason the cruise line decided earlier this year that they would no longer be coming to this part of Alaska. Their loss. Well, I will be going out to the Basket tomorrow morning to see what the plans are, of course, you can't know the weather for sure in advance, and the last storms passed us by, well, all but one last week, so we may be able to go ahead as planned...time will tell. I am including a photo of what the basket looked like today, it was taken by a young friend who has been taking some really great photos this summer. Maybe she should re-think her occupation. ( So Today is Sunday and the wind is howling, so the burning has been postponed until tomorrow. Weather permitting. I have to work tomorrow, but should get off and get out to the Spit just in time. We shall see.)

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i still want to go to one of these burnings. i thought this would be the year. but not just yet... soon i think ...soon to let go is hard to let go and be at peace with it i find is much harder....i love that you include her every year makes my heart glad.........