Friday, September 21, 2012


FINALLY!!!! After two weeks of beading, having a complete meltdown, chopping up the piece I had been working on all that time, I used the parts and pieces and finished the necklace that was going to be a collar, but turned too big and ugly. I am so happy that my Muse clubbed me down and made me re-think what I was doing. The center piece of this necklace is a piece of burnt wood from the forest fires in Colorado." In June 2012, Photographer Tim and Photo Stylist Lori were working just east of the fires in Fort Collins. They could see, smell and taste the smoke from the raging fires. Embracing the idea, when something bad happens we can make good of it, they got the idea to have artists utilize the charcoal and sell the artwork to raise money for the Volunteer Poudre Canyon Fire District." Their hope is that the artist will consider the land; it's people and how we are all connected.
My original piece was going to convey the idea that new life would soon emerge from the fire and ash, but as I was working on it, the piece became all about the fire, the hotspots and embers.  So in the end, after my "meltdown" my feeling was that beauty can be found everywhere and set about making something beautiful out of my disaster. I'm happy with the results, which is a good thing because I have to get it in the mail tomorrow to make the deadline. I am titling the piece "Embers".
I thought it was funny (sort of) that while I was working on the beaded piece, I was also working on the Burning Basket project here. I was "Consumed" with fire......ok, that was weak, but it was an odd coincidence, or rather serendipitous if you like. At any rate, after feeling that I had completely failed, I gathered myself up and got it done. 

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Beth Handley said...

It's really quite lovely! Isn't it amazing how each thing we make is also a placekeeper for whatever is going on at the time it is created? I've been grateful for that and that nudging muse lately. Peace and alwaysk, thank you for your kind words.