Saturday, December 8, 2012

Moose Meadow

Serendipity thats what it is. I forgot to take down my watercolor (the Watercolor Society changes the "wall" every month) when I left work Monday and by golly it sold! Meant to be I guess.
I titled this one Moose Meadow. Glad it sold, although I really liked this one and thats usually a sign that it won't sell for sure.
I have finished the beaded piece "Carmen" that I was going to donate to a fundraiser for a friend CeCe, however she did not want us to do a fundraiser. CeCe underwent two surgeries for Cancer. She runs a small Cafe over by the old airport, but has been one of the major fundraisers for the community for many years. A very independant and outspoken Lady. CeCe and my husband have a unique relationship, they love to argue, and she is always threatening to 86 him out of her Cafe. They are too funny. At any rate, since she did not want us to raise funds for her, and I had already started the piece, I am giving it to her for Christmas. Seems only fair. I hope she will like it, I still have to put it in a shadowbox and then it will be done.
I have to run now, off to work, tonight I will go up to my workroom and look up the name of the person that did the original design. Later........


A Half-Baked Notion said...

That is a beautiful Carmen Miranda tribute piece, Char. I would guess as one of the "givers" of your community, it is very challenging for your friend to change her mindset and accept becoming a "taker", even temporarily.

I am always pleased to hear of Serendipity playing her part in allowing that one special customer to find Moose Meadow!

Janna said...

O.K. let's see if I can really leave a comment this time! Love, both of these! I am in awe of your talent!! And to think I am sister to such a talented star!!! Love you!