Friday, December 28, 2012

Pillow Power!!!

FINISHED!!! My hands are protesting from all the hand work that was required with the ruffle because of the bulky velvet. And what in the world has happened to the thread that we buy nowadays? It used to be really strong, now it just tangles and snaps at the worst times. I fished around and found my upholstery thread and life was so much better. I really like the lace that I used on this pillow, it had a nice shine to it, made it look so much richer. I will make more of these pillows.....later.....when my hands have a chance to rest. Can't ruin the hands, have too many beads that must be put to use.  Next time I will pleat the velvet if I use it for a ruffle rather than gather it, maybe that will make it easier. Well, enough for tonight, work tomorrow and Monday, then I don't know for sure when I will work again. She always closes for 3-4 weeks in January to paint and re-arrange the Gallery. Oh good grief, that means INVENTORY!!! Ahhhhh wellllll, it will go quickly, I hope. 


Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Beautiful pillow! I'd love to know about who it is for. Maybe I need to look back to older posts. :).

Janna said...

That is one beautiful pillow!! Gorgeous!!