Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mixing Mediums

So the Lovely Lady that I work for will be having a Birthday in the middle of January, and I have been working on a "Crazy Quilt" bed pillow for her. I think I'm pretty much done with embellishing the top, so today I made a slow run out to the Russian Fabric Store(we have lots of snow right now) to try and find just the right lace for the edging. I wasn't able to find exactly what I had in mind, but I will figure it out.(which is quite outstanding considering the tremendous amount of beautiful lace that they have out there, not to mention all the gorgeous fabrics.) Maybe make the ruffle out of one of the velvet colors and add lace into the ruffle. Hmmm, something to think on. She collects and also sells Antique Dolls, besides having the nicest Gallery in town. Since she collects mainly french dolls, I wanted the pillow top to look very Victorian. I think it does. The Victorian style was/is really over the top with a lot of frills, embellishments etc. I was going to use more color in the embellishments, but the white lace started calling the shots, and I decided to not add any more color on top, just leave it in the background. I used clear AB bugle beads and freshwater pearls. I cut flower medallions out of some of the beautiful lace that I purchased at the Russian store and appliqued them in each corner. Each corner is different. I haven't played with the crazy quilting for several years, but I do so enjoy it. I used a log-cabin type of square, with the transferred image for the slightly off-center, center. I added color to the picture with both watercolor and colored pencils. I chose this image because it reminded me of some of her beautiful dolls.  I then sprayed the image with fixative. I can't wait to see it finished..hope it ends up like the image I have in my mind.  Once done with this project I have another quilting project started that I planned on doing several years more procrastinating....we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Then it will be time to start the 2013 BJP. Making a list land checking it twice.....................

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