Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Sunrise of 2012

I forgot to post my January 1st sunrise photo. Not that its a big deal, but I have it so why not post it. Its been below zero for over a week now, and today its a balmy 7 degrees. I have been working up in my workroom, but finally had to come down and warm up. I am working on my bird ornament for the cancer fundraiser. Bead and Button took over this year, so when its done it goes to them after a photo is sent to Jeanette Shanigan. Or am I still confused? I thought there were two ornament projects going on for the Cancer project, but now I'm not sure. We have until May to get them in, I thought we had to have them done by March. Too much confusion for the first project of the year. I will have to go over to the beadstore next week and talk to Gig, she will get me on the right road. Happy Beading all.

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