Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Rabbit in a Tree

Well, I never thought I'd see a rabbit in a tree, but ...believe it or not, one of the wild rabbits that have been hanging about was up in the lower branches of the tree in our front yard tonight. Since its only 1 degree and the snow is frozen, he was probably trying to find a warmer place to rest for the night. I ran for my camera, but of course the batteries are dead!!!! I think I must have startled him because he disappeared. I must get batteries!!! I feel so sorry for the animals now with this awful cold we are having, and there is no end in sight. What a strange winter we have been having. Not only here, but now the whole Northwest is getting hit with awful weather. Flooding, wind..who knows what tomorrow will bring, maybe another rabbit in the tree.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Gosh, I wish you could have gotten a picture of THAT! I wonder how he even got up there. Their little paws just don't have a tree climbing design.

char said...

Hi Carol, I wish I would have gotten a picture too. Everyone probably thinks I'm nuts, but honestly, we saw him in the tree twice. We keep checking this evening but he hasn't shown up yet. It's snowing again, so maybe he will re-appear. I'll be watching.

Janna said...

Maybe he has little angle wings!