Friday, January 13, 2012

Bead&Button Cancer Project

I finished my Bead Quilt square and made it to the Postoffice today, and mailed off the square and the swan. Its been really cold again today, and of course we ran out of heating oil in the early morning hours, but they managed to get to us before noon today, so with the oven, a firelog, and the portable propane heater in the garage, our pipes did not freeze and neither did we. We both had the thought a few days ago that we should stick the tank and see how our fuel supply was, and neither one of us did a thing about it, so our fault that we ran out. Where do the birds go when we are having blizzard conditions? They showed up here yesterday for food, and I was wishing I had more to give them, they looked so darn miserable. I am adding a picture of some of them sitting on our railing. I just wonder where they all go at night, especially since we have been having such awful winds at night. 35 to 50 mile an hour winds. Anchorage was getting 100 mile an hour winds on the hillside. Ahhh life in Alaska. Well, I need to make some new jewelry for the Gallery, so I best get some ideas going. Stay warm and happy beading to all.

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Janna said...

Sweet square! And those poor little birdies, they are so cute! I put food out for the little finches here as I have heard them out there peeping! We have has some really pretty ones. We have had snow here believe it or not! I see now that it has all melted off, and I changed my dentist appt. to next week because of it. Oh well, who wants to go to the dentist anyway! :)