Thursday, January 12, 2012

Breast Cancer Ornament Project

So after three tries, the first was WAY to big the second MICRO-MINI, I have finally completed my ornament to be sent to the Bead&Button Show for the Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer Auction this June. The Bead&Button Show will be held in Milwaukee this year. I have only been to one Bead&Button Show and that was held in Portland, Oregon, and I just happened on accident to be there while it was going on. I remember looking at the postings for the classes they were offering and wishing I had actually scheduled the whole accident so I could have attended one or more of the classes. By accident I mean, accidentally being in Portland at the right time. The ornament is part of Jeanette Shanigan's part of the fund raiser. In the past she has called for 2" beaded squares and then she would bead them all together and make mini wall quilts to auction off. Her life situation has changed and so she called for 50 ornaments to be made and donated directly to B&B. B&B will be receiving the squares and putting them together this year. I still have to finish my square before I mail off the Swan. The theme this year is Birds for both the squares and the ornaments.
The Swan is 2"x2". The body is a piece of a foam ball, the neck is cloth covered wire with a bead to shape the head, and then beaded. You have to sign the piece, so I made the "Pond" around the Swan so I would have a bottom to sign on. I think she came out cute.


JannaStamps said...

I think she came out beautiful!!! Did you design the whole thing yourself!!! I wish I had even a quarter of your talent!! Love you!

char said...

Thank you, yes, I had fun with her. She just kind of came about one bead at a time, and sleeping on the idea helped flesh her out.Dear Little Sister, you surpass me in talent.

Momma Bear said...

I LOVE your swan! I especially lie the effect of waves you got in the blue beads, wonderful!
thanks for visiting, boy you guys got hammered! i remember the snow of 79 in chicago when I was a kid but that is, wow! a lot of freaking snow! I'm not sure what I want to do with the paisley when I'm done they my find their way onto some of my CQ pieces though I may make pins out of some of them.
I haven't thought this years BJP through yet. it may evolve or not, we'll see. (i'm trying out zen for the year can you tell?)

Judit said...