Friday, July 13, 2012

Squirrels in the Attic or maybe Bats in MY Belfry.

Well, it has been a crazy day today for sure. Actually it started yesterday morning when a squirrel fell down inside the vent on the range hood. What a racket! Well, Jack took the hood apart and tried to get the squirrel out, he almost got him, but he managed to get back up inside where we couldn't see him. This was going on while I was out to the Birthday lunch. Anyway, Jack went in the bathroom to get a mirror so he could look up inside the vent, that didn't prove out, because it was about then that I came home and he was patiently waiting for a sign that the squirrel was still there. We both looked up inside with the mirror but could not see anything at all and didn't hear anything either. So Jack put the hood back together again and we went on with the day.
We both heard noise's later that evening but decided that the squirrel was in the garage rattling around and gave up the chase for the night. What we didn't know was that the squirrel had slipped out of the vent when Jack went for the mirror and found a hiding place in the house. Today, Jack had things to do away from home and I decided to work on the beaded cuff for Rowan who works at the Gallery, and whose Birthday is next week. I heard noise's off and on but tried to ignore them. Then I took a break, went back downstairs, had my lunch, headed for the bathroom to wash up when I heard the squirrel chittering like crazy and it was definitley coming from inside the house, as a matter of fact it sounded like it was coming from the bathroom. I tiptoed to the bathroom door and was just about to step inside when I saw the squirrel on top of the light fixture over the sink. He started to jump down and I slammed the door shut, and went for the broom. I have no idea what I was going to do with the broom, but it's such a handy weapon. About then Jack came home, so he went in the bathroom, and squirrel....we thought. I took the broom and poked around under the chest of drawers, and then poked at the ruffle on top of the window curtain..and there he was. I left Jack with the broom, closed the door and went for a laundry bag to capture the little critter. In the meantime, Jack is chasing him all over and finally saw him crawl under the Jacket that he had just taken off, so he grabbed the Jacket up in a ball and took it outside and shook him out. Seems like that should be the end, however, I went back up to my attic workroom and can still hear the squirrel or his relative rattling around under the eves. He comes in through the garage somewhere...its a continuing story it seems. Anyway I finished the beaded cuff and I love it. I used three of my vintage cabs, turquoise, coral, magnasite and of course seedbeads. I really like how it turned out, I hope she does too. I also finished my June BJP piece, with the Sandhill crane as my central character. I love the Cranes and enjoy being around a safe distance of course. Did I mention that I danced with them on the beach..oops, there go the bats again.


Beth Handley said...

The Crane is really great. I just love everything you do!

Beth H.

Susan Shufelt said...

Love the crane. We have Sandhill cranes here as well. I can hear them at night calling. I can also relate to your squirrel story. I had a red squirrel get into my heating vents awhile back. Squirrels are cute but they can be a pain too. Also love your new cuff. Great stuff.

Janna said...

Very awesome projects, oh and watch out for those squirrels! :)