Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Two more finished projects.

Another rainy day here in the Greatland....ugh! Well, I did finish up the Birthday gift I needed for tomorrow. I decided to bead a thin cuff for my friend. She makes beautiful crystal earrings and bracelets, but does not do any bead embroidery. She is one who has everything, so a handbeaded gift was the only way to go. I also finished up Agnus's dance feather, so hooray for me. I used fox fur around the top of the handle. I did not bead the handle because once in the hand you would not see any of the beadwork anyway. Agnus's Birthday is this month sometime, but at present she is across the Inlet at fishcamp so that bought me a little time. My next project is to clean up my bead table.....yeah right!! I wish I had a magic wand to wave and all would be tidy and organized. Ahh wishes!!! I still have to work on my June BJP piece..maybe later, its almost time to fix dinner, so off I go. Just want to add that if you go to Lori Anderson's, she is having a great give-a-way, but hurry it ends Friday the 13th.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I always wonder why I can't clean up my mess as I go. I do it when I cook. If you find a magic wand, please send it my way.

Happy cleaning..awww, just bead.
xx, Carol

Janna said...

Beautiful bracelet, and that feather is awesome!! Great work from a great artist!!!