Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Abi" Has Arrived!!

Today I received "Abi" in the mail. I was so excited to get this package from Sig Wynne-Evans. It was sort of by default when the person who was supposed to receive this bracelet was unable to fulfill the agreement of being host to one of Sig's Traveling Bracelets. I hope she will be able to host one of the other bracelets before their journey's are over. While recovering from a major surgery Sig decided to bead a bracelet and send it on to someone else with good positive thoughts and healing wishes, and maybe they too could re-inforce these positive energies with some of their own and pass it on again. She intended to make only one, but now has 12 Bracelets traveling the Globe spreading positive energy to all who receive  or have contact with them. She will be starting the journey of her 12th Bracelet, named Machu Picchu, in November in where else but Machu Picchu. How fun is that. I didn't mention that "Abi" is short for Aboriginal. "Abi" has a cute little "Joey" as the main figure in the design. Its just beautiful. And as fitting as Machu Picchu, ":Abi" has been to Australia as well as Colorado and California. I believe this is the first of the Traveling Bracelets to come to Alaska.
We started "Abi's" Alaska visit with a long walk on the beach of Kachemak Bay, a visit to the Seafarer's Memorial, and of course did a bit of "Shell Seeking". Tomorrow we plan to visit the Bead store and share some time with Gig. Each day will decide for itself what we do, but we will stay busy. You can visit the other bracelets and read of their travels on Sig's blog: http//

I took this photo of "Abi" on the old piling down from Mariner Park. I love walking the beach in this area, I always find great "Tiny Treasures" when I walk there.

The next stop was at the Seafarer's Memorial and then on to more beach walking. By then our little "Joey", (our step-dog) was starting to limp a little so we headed for home. Joey is getting along in years (aren't we all) and has arthritis in his hip. He loves to walk the beach with me, but I think it was a little to cool for him. The sun finally came out, but he was ready to head home by then. (Did you spot "Abi" in this photo?)

The "Tiny Treasures" from our walk. I even found a piece of sea glass. Must have been the good Karma coming from the Bracelet.

Home for a rest in the Bead Cabinet. I thought a fitting place to rest would be on my beaded shoe "Alaska Shores". What fun!!! Hope everyone everywhere had as fine a day as we had. (I am hoping for sunshine tomorrow). 


Linda Kittmer said...

Char, this is an incredible project. How wonderful to be a part of it. Reminds me of the Flat Stanley Project but for beaders!

char said...

Its funny you said that Linda, today at the Bead store, Gig mentioned it was like the Flat Alice project that was going on when she had her Stamp store in the back of the Bead store. The cuff is beautiful, its fun "Hosting" it.