Thursday, October 11, 2012

Change of Plans

So I had planned on going to the Bead store Wednesday, but received a call from Rowan at the Gallery to tell me that since we had missed out on the Baby Shower for a friend of ours, everyone decided to have a "Baby Lunch" on Friday, so up to the sewing room I scrambled to make a gift to take along. Abi went with me, poor thing, had to listen to me mumble and grumble until I decided to make a bonnet and a pair of tiny shoes. The Bonnet was no problem, I've made a lot of them, and love doing it. The tiny shoes on the other hand were a bit of a challenge, but I finally finished them after much agony. Can't wait to meet the little miss. I just love her "older" brother Griffin. He is just all boy and rules the roost at age 2.

So today I finally made it over to the Bead store for a visit with Gig and to show her the Bracelet, and of course pick up a few beads.

We had a few laughs, bought a few beads and then off we went to see if the Swans were at the head of the little lake that is behind our house. Can't waste the sunshine, its a rule, or maybe its a law.

The trees have grown up so that you can barely see the lake from this viewpoint. But .. no Swans. So off we went out to the Spit to enjoy the sunshine some more. Not much going on out there this time of year, you can actually find plenty of parking places...of course none of the shops are open, but who cares, we have sunshine to enjoy. Drove over to look at the Jack-up Rig that's causing so much controversy with some folks around town. It was brought in for repair work and was supposed to be gone by now, but rumor has it that it might be wintering here.

Back home, have to get out my paper supply and make a card to go along with the Baby gift.

Left Abi to rest on the lap of my "non-traditional" self-portrait. Off to lunch tomorrow!

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