Friday, October 12, 2012

Lunch With Baby Arwyn and Mom

So lunch went well with the new baby, she is absolutely beautiful and slept the entire time we were there. She looked beautiful in the Bonnet and shoes, but then she's beautiful without them anyway. (The Tiny shoes I made were just a little big, but they looked cute on her.) Mommy Miriam looks just beautiful also. She waited just a little too long to call the Midwife, and Mom and Dad delivered the Baby Girl themselves. She said it was a little scarey, but what are you going to do, there's no stopping it once its underway. They both came through it just fine, and Dad stayed pretty cool through the whole event.
Miriam thought the story of the Bracelet was pretty cool. She is an amazing young woman, Hunter, Fisherwoman, Carver, and Jewelry maker. I have known Miriam since she was in High School. Very self assured and quite the businesswoman. She has her own small Gallery out on the Spit. It is only open full time in the summer, but she keeps it open on the weekends until Christmas, then re-opens mid-April. She sells her carvings, watercolors, and jewelry as well as her Husbands Ulu's and Knives. She also carries some Native made art .
Hubby was not feeling well today, so Abi's adventure today was pretty quiet once we came home, but everyone was pretty impressed with the Bracelet and the story behind it. to work, and Abi will go along. One more picture of beautiful little Arwyn and then its good night.

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