Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Time to Catch Up and Say Goodbye

Since last I wrote about the Traveling Bracelet, we've been busy. "Abi" has been to work with me, and today we went for coffee with two of my friends referred to here as the "Gallery Girls". Sometimes there's four or five of us sometimes not. Today it was just the three of us, catching up on what's been happening.  Sunday was a quiet day, we went to Church, and out to breakfast, which turned out to be the wrong move. I got up with a headache and the day went downhill from there. So Sunday was a very slow and quiet day. i don't mean it was the wrong move to go to Church, just going out to eat was the wrong move. But all is well today.
"Abi" went to work with me on Monday and visited with some of the beautiful artwork that we have in the Gallery. I thought this photo of "Abi" with one of the native art pieces was very appropriate, since the true name of the Bracelet is the Aboriginal Design. Its always such a wonder to me that when I study native art, how connected it is all around the world. So many similarities in artwork and myths and beliefs. It really is such a small world.

Here  "Abi" is visiting with the very talented Rowan who works at the Gallery. Besides being an artist in watercolors she is also extremely talented in the music field as well as dance. She has a group here called the "Shivering Gypsy's". Rowan is originally from upstate New York.

Today started out very frosty as you can see in the photo. I guess winter is going to come no matter how much I don't want it to. Well, off to coffee we go.

Here are my two friends "The Gallery Girls" at our favorite coffee spot, Two Sisters Bakery just steps away from the shores of Kachemak Bay. Some days we will come for coffee and have to wait in a line three deep. They make wonderful soups, veggi sandwiches and of course bakery goods. Even if you're not hungry when you go there, just step inside and oh my, the wonderful aromas just draw you in and you have to try one of their savory offerings.

Its been fun having "Abi" here this week, however its time to say good bye. Tomorrow I will be bundling  "Abi" up and mailing the package off to my Sister down in the lower 48. She lives in beautiful Newport, Oregon. Another coastal community for "Abi". She is really looking forward to receiving the bracelet and has more adventures to share with the Bracelet. I can't thank Sig enough for choosing me to host her Aborigianl Bracelet. I feel honored, and look forward to reading about Abi and the other Bracelets. Thanks for the Visit "Abi".


aprilZ said...

What a lovely, lovely idea! I can't wait to read more about the travelling bracelets.

Don't your 3 BJP pieces look good together. Have you decided how you're going to display them?

Keep warm!

char said...

Thanks for stopping by April. The Traveling Bracelet Project has been fun to follow and lucky me I got to participate. No, I haven't decided what to do with my Journal pieces yet, hopefully I will think of something. Any ideas?


I love the picture of you and the traveling bracelet!!! Mostly because i know how much you "enjoy" having your picture taken ;op and second you look so content and peaceful.So beautiful ...Rowan she is something that one i find her most amazing !!!